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Individual One Hour Session - $75


-3 classes within 5 weeks - $200

-5 classes within 8 weeks - $350

Save $25 with each package!

Party or Event Packages

-60 minutes - $200

-120 minutes -$350


Group Class Rates

-varies by location,

see schedule above

Private Session

-60 minute - $75

-90 minute - $90



-60 minutes - $90

Nadine Kelly, MD - Yoga Teacher in Flossmoor

Multiple Locations.

Choose the location that's best for you.  With numerous locations, Yogi MD has the flexibility to meet your needs.

Yogi MD

Kedzie Avenue & Vollmer Road

Flossmoor, IL

Address available upon request

Sunrise Senior Living

19715 Governors Highway

Flossmoor, IL

Bloom Township Center

425 Halsted Street

Chicago Heights, IL

​Silver Cross Hospital Cancer Center

1850 Silver Cross Blvd 

New Lennox, IL

Cancer Support Center Mokena

19657 S. LaGrange Road 

Mokena, IL

South Holland Community Center

501 East 170th Street South

Holland, IL 


Flexible Schedule.


Yogi MD offers a variety of times and locations for their group classes, but also offers the opportunity to practice one-on-one with the yogi during a private session.  If you are interested in a private session, please contact us for availability.


Group Class Schedule (with Location and Cost) 



9:00-9:50 AM - Yoga for Protection and Prevention (Session 1- Jan 15-Mar 12; Session 2 - Mar 26-May 21) - (South Holland - $59-member, $64-resident, $69-non-resident)

10:00-10:50 AM - Aqua Yoga (Session 1- Jan 15-Mar 12; Session 2 - Mar 26-May 21) - (South Holland - $59-member, $64-resident, $69-non-resident)

3:00-4:00 PM - Gentle Chair Yoga - Yoga for Seniors (Jan 8 - Mar 26) – (Bloom Township - $20 for entire session of Monday only or $30 for Monday and Wednesday) 



9:15-10:15 AM - Gentle Chair Yoga (Cancer Support Center Mokena - no charge)

10:30-11:30 AM - Yoga for Balance and Core Strength (Cancer Support Center Mokena - no charge)
7:30-8:45 PM - Gentle Yoga (Yogi MD - $10 - by invitation, please email or call)



8:00-9:00 AM Introduction to Yoga on the Floor - (Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sept, Nov) - 3 Wednesdays every other month (Bloom Township -$15 each three class session)
9:00-10:00 AM - Gentle Chair Yoga - Yoga for Seniors (Jan 10-Mar 28) – (Bloom Township - $20 for entire session of Wednesday only or $30 for Monday and Wednesday) 10:30-11:15 AM - Chair Yoga (Sunrise Senior Living - residents only) 4:30-5:45 PM - Gentle Yoga (Yogi MD - $10 - by invitation, please email or call



8:30-9:20 AM - Chair Yoga (Session 1- Jan18-Mar 15; Session 2 - Mar 29-May 24) - (South Holland - $59-member, $64-resident, $69-non-resident)

6:00-7:00 PM - Gentle Yoga  (Silver Cross Hospital Cancer Center - no charge)



9:30 AM-10:30 PM - Chair Yoga (Waters Edge - residents only, or by invitation) 


Group Class Descriptions 


Aqua Yoga - Performed in a pool, postures are supported in the water,

relieving stress on the joints. Perfect for those with chronic pain including hip

and knee replacements, back pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis or rehabilitating injury.


Chair YogaEither sitting or standing by a chair, this form of yoga is recommended for beginners, those with chronic pain, physical disabilities,

weight constraints, injuries, or post-surgery.


Gentle YogaEmphasizing stretching, limbering, and holding gentle poses

while focusing on breathing.  Relaxation and meditation techniques are also performed. It is recommended for beginners, those who want to gently

increase strength and flexibility due to pain or injuries, and those in the mood

for a slow and gentle practice. 


Yoga for Protection and Prevention - This class is appropriate for those with osteoporosis, arthritis, post-surgery, and post-injury rehabilitation.  Gentle yoga poses, performed in a chair or against a wall will build and maintain bone mass, keep or increase range of motion, and help continue a workout with the approval of your doctor. This class is perfect for those starting to exercise, and those who want to increase flexibility and improve balance.