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"Anyone who can draw a breath can practice yoga."- Dr. Nadine Kelly

Connect Body & Mind.

Yogi MD empowers the individual for lifelong care and holistic healing. Whether suffering from chronic or acute conditions, Yogi MD's medical training and practical application will provide the knowledge and spiritual connection to manage physical and mental stress.  We understand the anatomy of the body and forge a stronger connection with the power of the mind. The more you are in tune with both, the more your body will respond positively and naturally.

Yoga offers natural methods to improve health. From back pain, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, or osteoporosis, Yogi MD provides the knowledge and instruction to improve your quality of life.

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Nadine Kelly, MD - Yoga Teacher in Flossmoor

Our Belief.

Yoga fulfills our deep need to connect, heal, listen, and be physical. The most rewarding moments come with the smile on a student's face who leaves our class pain free and energetic - having doubted he or she could do yoga.

Our senior population is ever expanding and needs a patient, understanding and compassionate listener - a person to help them, honor them and treat them with dignity and respect.